Stock Holding Corporation of India
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What our Clients say:–

Client comment is plentiful and largely complimentary.“Excellent settlement and cash management system,client relationship and reputation & asset safety; also prompt clarification when required,” says one large investment manager.

Source Global Custodian [Domestic Survey | India] 2017

A number of clients praised the"quality of personnel" and high marks were given by one client for the "commitment, relationship management and core custody services." Indeed core settlement capabilities were singled out more often as a strong point of the stockholding offering, than for any other provider. Getting core services right and dealing quickly and efficiently when things do not go smoothly are the hallmarks of successful custodian the world over and Stockholding is no exception.

Clients repose their trust in Stock Holding's local market expertise, high quality Client servicing, Technology driven solutions and a proven ability in handing diversity and complexity of client requirements which form the core of StockHolding's competency.

Source Global Custodian [Domestic Survey | India] 2016